Sports You Can Play at Full On Sportz:


5v5 Indoor/Outdoor soccer is becoming one of the most popular sports across the world. 5v5's trendiness stems from its fast pace and the fact that all the players get to touch the ball. Due to the medium size field (5000 sq. ft.),

5v5 soccer is less tiring and makes for good cardio exercise and practicing skills such as accuracy, agility and speed. The rules are a bit different from conventional soccer but it is easily adaptable and fun!

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Badminton is a sport for all – a sport enjoyed by millions of children, youth, adults and seniors and elderly participants globally. It is a sport that combines eye hand coordination, power, strength, speed and decision making skills. It’s a low impact and non contact sport which played by boys and girls, men and women – singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Get involved and try the sport which originated in Pune City.

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Box Cricket

Indoor 6v6 and 8v8 cricket is slowly seeping into the ranks of being one of the most exciting sport in cricket frenzy nations. Introduced for the first time in India by Dream Sports Fields, it is a great way for everyone to enjoy this revered sport in a mini,

hassle-free environment. Much like 5v5 soccer, the pace is quick, it is less tiring than conventional cricket and allows for an efficient cardio exercise for all age groups.


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Our Story

Full on Sportz is a multi-sports arena , founded in 2019 in Pune. At Full on Sportz, the possibilities of activities are endless for both children as well as adults.

It is also the only arena in Pune where education, sports and fitness are merged into one.

Full on Sportz is a functional source to channelize your energy via games and sports activities. Truly making your leisure hours worth its while.



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